At Options we will seek to provide you with a challenging and rewarding career and while we all work hard, we do so in an atmosphere of mutual respect. We try to create an environment that is challenging, diverse and fun for everyone.

We recognise that you are an individual with family needs and responsibilities outside of work. We encourage a balance between your personal and professional life and where possible we will work with you to accommodate family emergencies.

Our employee's benefit from

  • Flexable hours
  • Personal / carers leave for personal, family & community commitments
  • Parental leave of up to 12 months for maternity or paternity
  • Bonuses for “going the extra mile”
  • Community Care – supporting charities
  • Open door communication policy
  • Monthly Wine Education Allowance
  • Staff discounts on wine purchases for personal consumption
  • Winery visits/tastings
  • Above award wages
  • Encouragement & financial support for further education & training
  • Safe and pleasant working environment