Our Staff

Our policy of 'Clever Solutions' and 'Continual Improvement' drive our evolution as a wine distribution company BUT it is the mix of knowlegable enthisiastic people that will make your experience with us a satisfying one. Each one of our staff has their own unique qualities that underwrite our culture and values.


Jenny Heath
General Manager – Operations
Nickname: “Jenwah”
Ph: 08 8346 9111
Steve Twelftree
Managing Director
Nickname: “Stevie T”
Ph: 0439 823 435

Lucy Turner
Administration Assistant
Nickname: “Luce”
Ph: 08 8346 9111
Bruce Lindner
Area Sales Manager
Nickname: “The Prez”
Ph: 0417 868 170
 Louise Turner
Administration Assistant
Nickname: “Lou”
Ph: 08 8346 9111
Kerrie-lee Hollow
Area Sales Manager
Nickname: “Kezza”
Ph: 0438 868 170
Kim Annand
Desktop Publisher
Nickname: “Kimmy”
Ph: 08 8346 9111
Tony Manuel
Area Sales Manager
Nickname: “Big Tone”
Ph: 0439 398 539
Rob Brooks
NT Sales Manager
Nickname: “Brooksy”
Ph: 0438 704 224